The Business of Makeup

Are you a makeup artist struggling to build your freelance career?

Are you newly qualified and want to set up your own makeup business but feeling lost and confused and you don’t know where to start?

Do you want to work in the film industry in a makeup department but struggling to understand how to work in the business?

I know how scary it feels after you’ve worked so hard to qualify as a makeup artist. You get your certificate and then suddenly you’re on your own.

So many new makeup artists ask me, ‘What do I do now?’ when they graduate their makeup courses.

I remember how overwhelming it was at the start of my career and how tough it is to build your makeup career and a profitable business on your own.

If we haven’t met yet my name is Victoria and I’m a professional hair and makeup artist. I’m deeply passionate about helping new makeup artists, from all walks of life, follow their passion and build the makeup business of their dreams.

I’ve worked on productions for the BBC, Film 4 and Fox TV as well as fashion shows, catwalks and with multiple makeup brands. I’ve run my own highly successful bridal business and team and worked with hundreds of brides as well as writing for The Telegraph, Western Mail and South Wales Wedding Magazine, among others.
I know that most makeup colleges offer very little support on how to build your makeup career and usually nothing at all on how to build a profitable business long term.

I know this because I also teach new makeup artists just like you in Further and Higher Education.

That’s why I launched the Makeup Manifesto Method. Our specialist makeup business courses are cutting edge and help you bridge the gap between qualifying as a makeup artist and actually working in the makeup industry.

Here at Makeup Manifesto, I am passionate about helping makeup artists like you, build the profitable makeup career of your dreams.

We specialize in the Business of Makeup.

Makeup Manifesto helps you build your freelance career and grow a successful makeup business and a life you love, faster.

Find out more about our specialist makeup business courses here.

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